Supernova Studio 9.0 Crack Download For (Wind/Mac) 2024

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Supernova Studio 9.0 Crack Download For (Wind/Mac) 2024

Supernova Studio Crack is a design and development tool. It doesn’t have a summary but focuses on the code that can be used in production. Native components support each design element of the tool. Then convert them to a concise system that can be used in production environments, especially in iOS, Android, and React Native. Supernova acts as a bridge between design and project development and automatically performs burdensome and time-consuming tasks.

Supernova Studio

Supernova Studio Crack Download can be easily integrated into Sketch because the analyzer can read it without compromise. At the same time, the transfer of resources can be performed automatically without segmentation and other work. Users only need to import and export. The tool also has an exclusive automatic layout solution that makes the results very responsive. Teamwork is another exciting feature because you can easily preview the study in Supernova Cloud.

Supernova Studio Crack Download For (Wind/Mac) 2024

Supernova Studio For Mac is the best, most intuitive, and technically reliable code generation and prototyping tool in twenty years. First, you want to add Sketch’s static screen layouts, which are nothing more than rectangles with random words. Quickly mark them as various components, buttons, image views, and cell tables in Supernova. Some of these components are automatically recognized (the photos are a visualization of images). This semantic analysis is continually improving. You can add interactions, navigate to other screens and animations (see below).

Supernova Studio For Windows 10 download, you can correctly view the application experience. Supernova images provide an integrated Google translation. This means that you can preview the screen in different languages ​​at any time. Since it is possible to visualize devices of various sizes, it is possible to imagine in particular how the prose is packaged. This is not only an aesthetic problem but also because you are testing only in English, which is an insult to the reduced description of the user’s function.

Main Functions:

Supernova hopes to reduce the gap between developers and designers by automatically converting Sketch designs into native mobile user interfaces. Here are some of the main functions:

  • Convert the sketch drawing to a local unit
  • Automatically create a responsive layout.
  • Automatic detection and export of resources (no slicing required)
  • Automatic localization in 30 languages
  • Create a navigation chain and user flow
  • A perfect cross-platform animation engine
  • All you need for export code, resources, projects, fonts, user interface, and iOS, Android, and React Native

Supernova Studio

  • Supernova Cloud is a unique collaboration platform.
  • The prize for all late-night meetings: light / ga UI mode
  • Convert the design layer into local units
  • Automatic component style
  • Create a navigation chain
  • Automatically create a responsive layout.
  • Automatic detection and export of resources (no slicing required)
  • Perfect animation engine
  • Export code, resources, projects, fonts, iOS, Android, and (soon) user interface
  • I will create the part number online.
  • Dark / Light user interface for these night periods

What are the supernova alternatives?


Lottie is a mobile library for Android and iOS. Bodymovin analyzes Adobe After Effects animations that are exported in JSON format and displayed locally on your mobile device!


A framer is a JavaScript framework that allows you to create children’s games with realistic prototypes along with filters, spring physics effects, and full 3D effects. Framer Generator is a desktop application that allows you to import resources and folder hierarchies later from Photoshop files. Import formats and instantly create interactions and animations.


Express your creativity with Material (Material), an animation and graphics framework for Google Material Design, and Swift’s Apple Swift Flat UI.


This makes it easy to design animated and interactive user interfaces. Whether you’re planning your application process with multiple screens or new interactions and animations, you can use it to create delightful and beautiful patterns.


It is the most straightforward tool to transform UI/UX design ideas into interactive prototypes for mobile devices, desktops, web, and IoT. ProtoPie runs on macOS and Windows, while the player application runs on iOS and Android.

Configuration Required:

Overall, we try to run Supernova as efficiently as possible, and it works on almost all computers with the required version of macOS. Here are some recommended requirements for regular use:

  1. Supported Systems: macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 (experimental)
  2. Minimum RAM: 4 GB, ideally 8 GB +
  3. Minimum CPU / GPU: can be run on any computer.

A more powerful processor can increase the import speed, while a better performing GPU can load the preview and editor faster and faster. We also recommend a screen size of at least 13 inches. Still, it can also be performed on smaller devices (with multiple modes simultaneously (e.g., animation timeline and time code generation). Real. D).


  • The idea of the show is awe-inspiring and unique, reducing the gap between designers and developers.
    The intuitive user interface, intuitive and powerful functions.


  • Not currently

How to install & Crack for Mac?

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  • Enjoy.

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