CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack + Activation Code Free Download 2020

CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack + Activation Code Free Download

CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack is a great tool to clean, optimize, and safeguard your Mac for years of use. Run instant system cleanups, uninstall and update apps, remove malware, detect and erase files of any size, increase speed, and view a detailed display of your Space Lens storage. All you need to fine-tune your Mac.

CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack + Activation Code Free Download 2020

CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Activation Code Free 2020 it’s handy to be able to quickly enable and disable macOS extensions with the Extensions module, or to hunt foreign files with the Large & Old Files module, allowing you to quickly see which files are devouring space. During testing, the Uninstaller module was able to quickly locate and pick up unnecessary applications, and accomplished something that had never been seen before in an application removal tool:

it removed multiple applications at once, which is quite useful. The Maintenance module handles tasks such as clearing RAM, running maintenance scripts, clearing the DNS cache, and quickly repairing file permissions, tidying up the underpinnings of the macOS as necessary. CleanmyMac X Mac Crack provides a quick look at the most sizable folders on your hard drive. This is where the truth comes out about what’s eating your drive space, as a 73 GB pictures folder inside your user’s folder could be slimmed down a little bit. Read more…CleanmyMac X

Key Features:

  • Smart Scan:

All-in-one Mac analytics center. It includes scanners for Cleanup, Protection, and Large & Old Files that help remove junk, unnecessary files and malware with one single click.

  • Malware Removal:

Checks vulnerabilities in the system, and removes malware, adware, and other threats specific to macOS.
Uninstaller: Allows all traces of bulk-deleting applications in full. You can find more information on the module here.

  • Space Lens:

Visualizes disk space and identifies files that store a great deal of disk space.

  • CleanMyMac Assistant:

A smart advisor who uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized tips and suggestions for further optimization steps, and reminds of regular cleanups.

  • Health Monitor:

CPU, battery, network speed, real-time data, etc.

  • Leading-edge design:

A distinguished interface with flow-like animations.

CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack + Activation Code Free Download 2020

What’s New CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack?

CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack Download 2020 has seen some nice improvements and the removal of gigabytes of gunk from your hard drive is a reliable, fast way. Its Uninstaller and Updater modules have become admirable in their functionality and utility but the Malware module is still a wash and five months of development have not brought it to a level where I would feel comfortable recommending it to other Mac users for its intended purpose.

Main Features:

  • The end of the junk system

Ending up with tons of invisible cache files. You can remove unused DMGs, incomplete downloads, and other old baggage by mass.

  • Drag large hidden files away

Locate massive old files, swept beneath the rug.
Need to filter out only films or documents which are months old? No trouble.

  • Space Lens: View your storage,

Free up your RAM memory in a click when your Mac is down. To make your apps more responsive, run Maintenance scripts too. Your MacBook is now unstoppable.

  • Optimization of full-scale macOS

Find and deactivate applications that cannibalize your memory resources. Switch off the plugins from the background and fix small errors like an Apple genius.

  • It halts viruses specific to macOS

CleanMyMac X officially holds the Mac virus detection level “Gold.” We give you a shield against Trojans, data miners, and recent browser hijackers in real-time.

  • Privacy policy: Rewrite your history online

Delete tracking cookies so advertisers won’t be able to follow you through the web. Erase sensitive details such as browser history and messenger chats. Cleanmymac X Modul for Removal of Malware Cleanmymac X. Manage applications and extensions install

  • Apps Known and Unknown

Mass erase unwanted applications, plugins, and extensions. You can find unused apps left undetected for months. Knew you could reset an app, too?

  • Keep your apps young forever

In one sweep update all of your apps, including the macOS itself. Everything is refreshed, and in each update, you can see what has been added. This tool constructs an interactive map of the whole drive. You can visually spot the largest space-wasters to free up space quickly Mac.

CleanmyMac X 4.6.7 Mac Crack Activation Code



How to install & Activate?

  1. First of All, you can download it & install
  2. disconnect internet
  3. Run Program
  4. Copy Crack Activation Code
  5. all Down

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